5 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights Brands How To Purchase At 11:40

  1. Very poor choice for weapon mounted light. G2x Pro version always comes on in low mode, does not have long throw in high, has no spring in positive end of battery tube for shock absorption, and per Surefire is not meant to be weapons mounted. Great "all around" flashlight but not a weapon light. I guess if it works for you then it works for you but why choose to cycle through modes to get to high on a weapon light?

  2. I have a G19 and wanted a SIG P220 or P226. But saved enough for an HK45. I plan on getting this for my AR. Thanks

  3. hey bud, thanks for sharing this video, i was looking for a cost effective yet quality gun light setup, and this is spot on exactly what i need. cheers 🙂

  4. Hey Buzz, You know what works good to shim that light up to the mount? A piece of velcro the loop side. Works great.

  5. I don't get it? why the hell would you get the pro model the first mode it comes on is low 15 lumens, that's not what you want on a tactical rifle you want a weapons light to always come on high first.