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  1. Here's a great 'lil Flashlight 2 check out, Bryan does a good review of it. Git & watch it,folks. Thanks 4 your review on a great light, Bryan. Stay Safe & Well there, Brother.
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  2. Nice light!  Mine is on the way.  Ordered it because it looks like an Olight and the Neutron may be too hard on the Eneloops 🙂  I wonder why they even have Olight's glowing O ring?

  3. Got my Archer 2A V2 it's a great light!  I compared it with the Olight ST25 Baton they are physically almost identical(apart from the silent tail switch  although the Olight has a smooth reflector instead of an OP reflector, the switch glows in the dark and the ring glows much brighter on the Thrunite, the knurling is grippier also but there is a bit of a battery rattle with my eneloops but wow!  The moonlight mode is amazing!!  It really is like having your own personal moon!  The Olight moon mode is too bright and has a warmer tint the same as the S15 Baton.  Beams seem to be identical on a white wall with same flood but colder tint with the Thrunite 🙂

  4. Really good light and for me the best balance between power and convenience . Great ui if not the best . Very happy with mine .

  5. I love this flashlight! I got a Neutron 2AV2 and discovered that the 800 lumen mode only lasts 10 to 15 seconds then kicks down to 235 lumens. The Archer will stay on 450 lumens and it will compete with the 800 mode of the Neutron anyway and the color of this light beats most flashlights, This is one kick ass flashlight that Makes me regret getting the Neutron 2AV2. It is not the lumens of this light that make it special but how it imitates sunlight and clarifies the colors of things. It competes with much higher powered flashlights and high powered batteries not with it's output but it's ability to imitate natural Sun light making colors pop. You can see better with this light. You have to experience it to understand.

  6. I forgot to mention it will perform on plain Jane AA'a. This is an impressive flashlight.