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  1. Please – tell me: what the weight of flashlight with extension tube without batteries? I just see on Simon's Mao shop a 279g. version of this flashlight, but on any other stores i seen more than 500g. weight. Can you help me with this question? What kind of difference between these lights? May be Simon's light have plastic reflector?

  2. I originally purchased this "Light Cannon" to mount on one of my PCP air rifles, and to my amazement upon opening the box, I find this Massively wide handled Monster!, I don't think you can find Rings large enough to fit this thing on the Planet,,,,,BEWARE=Pictures are deceiving!, Now that I know I can't do anything with it other than carry it, It sort of took the "Shine" off this purchase, As now I need to find another "Mountable" Torch for my Weapon,,,,,But I highly doubt I'll be finding one with this Level of Performance!,,,,This Flashlight can Honestly throw a Beam in the 450-500 yard Range!!!!, It makes my other Convoy, a C8 seem like a "Pen-Light", Cheers, Andy.

  3. compare this light to the L2 same size head 64mm & takes 26650 but at half the cost http://www.kaidomain.com/p/S024523.UranusFire-816-Cree-XM-L2-U2-1000-Lumens-5-Mode-LED-Flashlight-Black