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  1. Well thought out. I might have missed it. (5 year old) but I would add toilet paper. Be better suited for urban environment granted i have made due with less once when I was in my early teens fast forward 30 years an most everything in (need) is either in my pockets or on/in my belt E.D.C. for a boreal forest, rural environment. Covers shelter building, fire-saw blade in belts, a means to get food, an a Sawyer straw for water. An sm 1st aid kit. Tested six years ago an was good for my two week vacation. Got awful tired of rabbit.

  2. Great for woods,but what about other environments ie deserts and kits for while your boating, etc?

  3. When I looked at this kit, what I saw mostly was unnecessary weight and a lot of dollar signs. This is a long ways from a "last ditch" kit, IMHO. Lately, I'm priding myself in not how much I can spend/buy, but how little. And how light I can go and still cover the most essential bases: Shelter, Water, Fire and Food. That means a large trash bag, a couple quart ziplocks with water purification tabs, a BIC-type lighter (full), and a power bar or two. I'm not looking to stay out days, I'm looking to get home. I always have a knife in my pocket, so with the above, that is all I need. Weighs just ounces.