8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights Brightest Reviews How To Buy At 5:40

  1. Neat setup. Just fyi, the saw blade is what you'll want to use for striking your firesteel. Cheers!

  2. Nice EDC kit! The Maxpedition pouch is a perfect pouch for your kit. On those ferro rods, the back of the saw works much better in producing sparks more so than the file of your Leatherman. The spine of the saw is a really sharp 90 degree. As far as redundancy, as Dave Canterbury puts it "two is one, one is none". It's not a bad idea to carry a packet of coffee. I carry a couple of tea bags because my wife and I love hot black tea with our meals sometimes and many restaurants don't stock tea bags. We just order hot cups of water. Having a well prepared EDC kit, whether it's on your belt or in your car (or both better yet), is so smart these days. When the SHTF, minor or major, you are so much better off than those who aren't prepared.