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Hey Survival Bros!
I’m hanging out with my buddy Kelvin.
And this is his daily driver, a Subaru Forester.
He wants to show you his 30 Day Survival Kit
in the back.
So let’s see the big reveal.
I want to see what you’ve got in this Bug
Out Bag man.
Alright man, so first things first.
The fact that it’s a Subaru, that’s gonna
let you survive.
Everybody know these vehicles are reliable.
They are going to last forever.
I keep this thing clean, and ready!
Right off the bat, we’ve got a 30 Day Supply
of dried food, ready to rock and roll.
30 days, it’s all for me.
Mountain House…I’m going to eat your food.
ha You will definitely eat my food.
Bottled water.
Gotta keep it.
It used to be full, but Cameron keeps drinking
it all (on hikes) because he’s cheap and lazy.
Thank you, and I want that bottle return money.
Drinks all my water.
Big jug of water.
I also have a battery backup, so I can jump
my car if need be.
I did modify it, and add a power inverter
on the back.
So if need be, I can plug in household things,
and run a blender, or whatever.
The kids are gonna love that on #YouTube Works
Flashlights, flashlights, flashlights.
Wool blanket.
Got the tarp.
More shelter.
So that’s always there, at all times.
And now to breakdown The Bag for you.
When I travel, I bring this with me.
It’s always with me.
If I change cars, if I go with a friend, I
got to bring it.
It’s a good bag.
Swiss Gear.
I got if for $20 bucks; rain fly built in.
Hydro pack.
This thing is amazing.
Latest invention: Chapstick leash, patent
Fingerless gloves, they convert, little hoody
Keep you’re hands warm, protect yourself.
Everybody has to have a headlamp.
I have people wandering around with big burly
flashlights, and then when it comes to survival
time they are trying to pinch it between their
neck, they’re trying to hold things and do
You gotta be hands free.
No, hands free.
You make look like a dork.
And red light if you’ve got it, strobe, low
Anti-inflammatory (medicines), ibuprofen,
stuff like that.
That’s more for day to day use.
In here I have a smaller First Aid Kit.
First Aid Kit, and Fire.
I believe this was created with the help of
Cam Cam.
I like that it’s labeled.
It’ is labeled.
I got to know what’s in here.
So here we have the standard aluminum (foil),
with the Vaseline impregnated cotton ball.
Works great!
So that’s your fire starter?
Lighter, with the Gorilla tape.
Lot of single use gauze things.
Band- Aids.
Little boo boo things.
This is going to be for your bumps and scraps.
I also keep up here hygiene stuff.
You gotta have a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental
When you are in survival mode, you’ve got
to think long term.
You’ve got to stay healthy.
If you fracture a tooth, you start getting
tooth decay, gum disease, it affects your
health, what you can eat, it affects a lot
of things.
Take care of yourself.
Stay healthy.
Ultra Relieving Pain Patch.
It’s a big fat patch.
If you end up hurting yourself, you can slap
it on.
Dollar store item.
Dollar Tree all day baby.
Then this tiny aluminum (container) has a
pencil and paper for notes and emergency contacts.
You can get that at The Dollar Store too,
and it can hold pills.
Those are nice containers.
Getting deeper…
K. I try to do dry wick performance stuff,
as it’s good for cooling (breathable), keeping
you warm, doesn’t mildew really.
It’s light.
Easy to wash.
Same thing with the pants.
These are zip off pants, so I can take them
into shorts.
I need some of those!
Love these, because you never know.
Drawstring too.
And a good pair of socks.
Nice thick socks, because dry feet, comfortable,
stay safe (and blister free).
A must.
What’s that?
This is sort of an eclectic kit of a lot of
different random things (organized).
It’s your EDC kit.
We’ve got: parachute cord, batteries, flashlight,
permanent marker, flint steel, multi-tool,
lighter, tube of glowsticks (chemlights),
more pills.
This is Ben’s 99.9% Deet.
It is highly toxic.
It will make you sick.
Let’s take a shot.
But OMG does it work.
It keeps the bugs away.
It will also kill Mother Nature, but that’s
lol Fine.
Another tiny cache container (empty).
Oh boy, dropping the ball.
Deeper, we have these tiny little packets.
These are doggy doo bags that you see at parks
all the time.
For picking up dog poop (for sanitation).
They’re fun, they’re easy, they’re small,
they’re compact.
Lens cleaner.
Band-Aids, just miscellaneous things.
Here’s a duplicate of the First Aid Kit and
I’m all about redundancy.
If I have to split my bag and bail, and all
I can carry is this, I don’t need to worry
that my First Aid Kit is in my main bag.
I also have this, which has fire and first
So redundancy.
I’m a big fan of redundancy.
Smart man.
So, this would be my Bug Out one.
I also try to carry a waterproof box.
This one is submergable to 40 feet.
Why I have this is for a phone, electronics,
things of importance if I have important documents.
In here.
Totally waterproof, submergable to forty ft.
This will survive no matter what.
So much stuff in here.
This is always in my bag, it’s Spam, tuna,
sardines, (protein).
I got a spork in there.
This is good until 2018, or later.
It’s fine.
It’s perfectly good.
I got to keep calories because Cameron will
eat them.
This guy and his Spam and hot dogs.
Get that out of here.
This is my most recent addition, and this
is for the Haters out there (hi).
We love them.
This is my Ron Popeil Pocket Fisherman.
Why haven’t I seen this.
This is a pocket fisherman.
So you just set it and forget it?
It’s a complete fishing kit.
It is awesome.
It includes, the hooks, reels, weights, line,
all in the thing.
If I’m going to be Out long term, I’ve got
to be able to fish.
Dude, I want that for Christmas.
This is amazing.
It’s got a seat belt cutter or something on
it too?
That’s for hooking on your belt.
Ron Popeil Pocket Fisherman…Haters gonna
Legitimate Ronco.
Get that on eBay for about $30.
Let’s see, composition notebook.
This is keeping a blog, keeping whatever paper…
It’s the Black Book.
I like keeping it handy.
More paracord.
Can’t have enough of that.
For shoelaces, etc.
I do believe that is everything.
Ok, well show me these water containers.
You got a couple of stainless steel water
Full of water.
Not insulated.
What I did do was clean them, wash them, sterilize
them and fill them with tap water which contains
chlorine and all that.
So it’s in a dark, sealed container and good
for years (at least months).
So this is water I carry all the time.
Dude, you are set with this kit.
Well, thank you so much for showing us Bro.
I love it.
I don’t see too many holes in it.
I’m sure you are always improving it, so thank
you for getting prepared Man.
I want you on The Team.
Absolutely, I’m already a part of The Team
Survival Bros dot com.
We love ya!

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Tactical Flashlights Brightest Reviews Where Can One Purchase

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  1. Tarp and rope First vital i carry ..(covers yourself from wind rain cold. Collects rainwater to be converted to drinking water Remember 3 days for a human without water. also can be used as a rain coat

  2. Your kit is a good start but it's lacking in a few areas. First I noticed you live in Oregon but I didn't see any fowl weather gear, a cold weather sleep system or a cold weather clothing system. You're going to be in very bad shape if the weather gets bad and you can't get dry or warm. Hypothermia can kill you in as little as 3 hours. Even a cheap mylar blanket would help. I also didn't see any fixed bladed knifes or wood processing tools. The only way you'll get a fire going in wet weather is by processing the wood. Baring the use of some sort of accelerant of course. I also didn't see any navigation tools. You may know your area really well and don't feel you need them. What if you have to move to an unfamiliar area? Also don't rely on cell phones and GPS. The batteries won't last forever. You made a very good start with water and you're set on food but you really need a good water filter system and some water purification tablets incase you can't boil unpurified water. The fishing kit is a good start but I would add some fishing yo-yos to your kit. They allow you to really "Set it and forget it" while you tend to other tasks as the fish for you. Also, the first aid kits are really lacking. They're OK for boo boo kits but you need to look at putting together an actual medical kit. You can find many resources online or on YouTube for help with that. Lastly, you need a hunting firearm to procure game and for personal protection. I think that .22 rifles are a great choice to fill both rolls. The ammo is cheap and you can easily carry a lot of rounds. A 12ga shotgun would be my second choice. The ammo is heavier however, and more expensive than .22LR. I hope that you understand that I not trying to bag on you or your kit. I've just been doing this for a very long time and only want to help. Again…It's a very good start and I know it can be very expensive. Just start with one item and build it up at a pace that's comfortable for you. I'm happy to help you if you need it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cheers for this, I have been researching "emergency preparedness checklist for home" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Landonfen Disaster Genie – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbour got amazing results with it.

  4. Today, all you need are: water, foods for a week and satellite messaging device (Spot, deLorme) or satellite phone. EPIRB (no fee), signalling mirror & laser pointer..and yes a warm sleeping bag.

  5. Subwoofers are cool yes but you could just do a underseat JBL for cheaper and still sound good and get half that cargo space back for when you really need to pack it all in. I have the same dual 12s (Not exactly) but same size that I'm fixin to take out of my Rav4.