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  1. My Brand new $250CAD Benchmade 940 opens smoothly, because it wobbles like a dogs tail.
    Unscrew the Chinese knife pivot screw a hair and it will open like a Benchmade. And wobble like my Benchmade.
    These Chinese knives are excellent, I can buy 10 for one Benchmade and actually not be afraid to use or lose them

  2. The knight is a carbon copy of the Kershaw Volt II except for the flipper on the blade and minus the assisted opening! Bought my Kershaw for 20€ more than 8 years ago and even though it has seen heavy use and was my edc for more than 4 years it still rocks and I carry it regularly when I don't wanna weight myself down with my zero tolerance so for the price difference I wouldn't bother with the copy… That said I got an esee izula clone from aliexpress and it's great especially for 10 bucks!