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hi everybody hi everyone and this is the
sage family adventures and I’m Pamela
and this is Michael and we’re here today
to do the unboxing of camping gear some
can’t be an equipment that we went out
and bought in the last few days and
that’s that first bag from Blain’s Farm
and please let’s see what we got here oh
they gave signs so lighter right third
guys you have like some Scotchguard
waterproofing heavy duty it’s good for
your tents spray them before you go
camping so I’m gonna have to open my
tent up and spray it spray especially
the rain fly
we got some repel the spray on us and
around us some deep woods there you go
guys yeah show you I can rip back
maximum strength okay max
and we also got a light
combo bug zapper they put kind of maybe
about six eight feet away from our tents
standing we’ll put this up so we can zap
some bugs before they come to us and it
can also be used as a lantern oh it’s
rechargeable it is solar it’s all like
that or so it is by the
by the Sun it will Solarize by the Sun
we can actually sit this in our window
and copy change I believe actually this
one is not this one does run off for
batteries I’m sorry to say that was
that’s a different one that we got at a
different store that has solar I was
thinking this was that but this isn’t
it’s not
that’s that’s a bug zapper it’s just not
solar that yeah from fields and streams
yes we got got this so she can make some
water maybe some lemonade or iced tea
and put in it so we can drink out of it
as a nice little marine sprouts and this
is so cheap guys had both beasts only
for $6.99 and here this little lantern
that is solar and you can use this in
your house to just put it in your window
and let sit there all the time and if
you ever have a power outage at night
you just grab this out it glows in the
dark that has a glow in the dark and it
will also when you turn it on and it’s
solar panel and this also has a USB port
on it so we can charge our phones often
if we want to there you go guys we also
got a lantern ran off batteries again to
put in our time which we have another
one that we’ve had which we can use so
we got a couple in case we got out carry
one off to the bathroom at night I do
have flashlights – we can use
yeah last but not least we got the itch
easer my wife got because she gets eight
alive by mosquitoes there’d be 500
mosquitoes and knock on wood myself I
get that wants me but we had already uh
mosquito spray yeah but that’s in case
you do get that that will ease any edge
you got in my yurt
I believe my ears yes there’s one Wow
that’s for washing and – that’s for
sitting in for drying we got a couple of
faith passes to do some dishes if we
dirty and you take any dishes would well
have a lot of plants or paper that we’ll
just throw away but paper plates and
cups and stuff but you never know we
might have like silverware or something
but we do have plastic so we might not
even need them but they still be nice to
like wash your feet off before you get
in the 10:00 at night or something dry
your feet I’m a little guy so next one
let’s bring on the next one we got
there’s also from these strings this is
for Kingston lucky me and her we already
have a couple chairs like this one a
little bit ours are a little bit bigger
because so we bought the environment and
he really likes it guys that’s why it’s
by no means are we doing an
advertisement guys for Field & Stream we
are we just advertising that we got a
time to go can’t be bad eight-man
sleeper I mean we made the disclaimer
now why not why not fade by doing that
ah yes
not for more thing of that we’re not
promoting we’re just saying we bought it
in a good deal it was on sale and then
they said well in a couple days that’s
going on sale for $20 she personally
just went ahead and give us the $20
cheaper because she can go back if you
buy something within I think 30 or 60
days if they have an on sale they’ll
give you money back so this is a
filled-in stream and eight-person cross
man ate my foot in the pan their
original originally 199.99 dollars and
then we got it for $99 and
plasti wash we got 20 off so it was $79
that’s not really gonna be a guy 7 foot
I believe 7 foot 2 inches tall in the
middle and it’s pretty tall all the way
throughout it because they had actually
set up in the store where they had
yes they’re different colors you can get
them with a different turbo right turn
this one is blue but the one in the
display was they have a red one but it
was a big hit a queen-size mattress on
one side and he had a cot on the other
side and tango on the one side so we
have a queen-size mattress three of us
will probably all sleep on which it’s no
we really get that good be entitled
ready mi – also for the fluorine in
there once again just glamour we’re not
advertising filled in streams floor mat
it’s pretty good sites when it’s gonna
lay across most of the Florida a little
will probably not use it underneath our
air mattress we’ll probably put
something else underneath that some kind
of old blanket or something but the
flooring is pretty solid in the attempt
– so we’re not really worried about that
but this year’s we’re walking on and
it’s up through the rest of the tent
where we will have lots of room we’ll
probably bring in a few chairs with us
to sit on though it’s a good one to have
guys it’s also a master because if it
rains we gotta have something to do
yeah I have this table which once again
I bought this one that my arm Myers I
tell them about the one that were
looking him well in worldwide and
missing Wheldon’s today about I want to
fill the stream they had a real nice one
which I would have bought but they did
not have a big one they had little
little nuns that they were all out of
the big ones so I went out to where and
I found this which was similar and
prices to the one that they had at
filling streams I think theirs was a
little more expensive but it was
probably a little bit nicer
this one’s plastic and that one was a
long model but I kind of like the
plastic cuz it’s lighter weight for
carrying in howleen and your being
so that’s it that is everything we have
other than ourselves that we’re gonna
take and we do have a couple sleeping
bags and we’ll take Paolo’s and probably
sheets for their mattress and we you
know it’s sleeping bags they might end
up going on the floor underneath the air
mattress we might just take a blanket
with us with a sheet put on the bed and
then cover up with a blanket if we need
to it’s gonna be beautiful out it’s
gonna be in the July 21st through the
25th we’ll be up north camping in
enjoying ourselves and also guys we’re
not bringing plates where we’re going to
bring a paper plates and silverware
hairy cops you know and we’ll have our
one little cup things to take weathers
we will probably bring we bring the case
of water with us we do have a couple
coolers and we have some other stuff
we’re gonna take with us and run some
bags for trash of course and everything
to keep our campsite clean we’re gonna
probably have a little grill
with us to cook on if I can find a nice
little grill thing to sit on top of
these guys there’s a nice fire pit that
stands probably about two two foot two
and a half foot up off the ground and
it’s a pretty big size we can send a
grill plate over top of that we can do
whatever we want on top of it and I’m
sick and we could bring her griddle and
has electricity so we can plug in our
grid on I can cook pancakes eggs
breakfast food for morning and that’s it
guys so we’re going to go cuz we have to
go to school kids
for the day and so have a nice day
everyone for watching and the member
have feet be brave be happy and be
yourself and God bless everyone bye
everybody bye

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Tactical Flashlights Buy At Best Price

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  1. I thought I would give you a tip if you didn't know. Mosquitoes are attracted to people that eat Bananas, Avocados, and dried fruit. If you do have bananas with you, hang the peals 100 feet away from your camp or more. I did work in mosquito abatement for 4 seasons while in college. Wish you having a great time!

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