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so when we’re talking about shooting
from behind cover or concealment
we all know the difference between the
two in this video we’re going to work on
not putting our muzzle in front of the
barricade of course if I if I had my
druthers I would use this as a support
but for today we’re just going to talk
about keeping our muzzle behind the
cover and concealment reason for that is
I don’t want everybody on this side
knowing where I’m shooting from because
if I put my muzzle through there not
only get to see the muzzle blast but
they get to see the little black stick
that it’s coming from okay so keep that
in mind while we’re doing this this
piece of car or this piece of plywood
here is not going to stop my bullet so I
could even shoot through this plywood at
those targets down there and probably
still hit keep that in mind that is not
what I’m going for today I might do it
once just just for show alright so the
different positions we’re going to take
behind this barricade the way that I
think about it is I got to figure out a
way that my sights and my muzzle can
both see that target and then I have to
find a way to get my happy ass behind
the gun I’m not maneuvering the gun to
my convenience I’m getting my ass behind
the gun so for example this one here
this is how the gun can see the target
both muzzle and the sights so I’ve got
to figure out a way to get behind the
gun to where I can accurately engage now
I’m not going to carry on like a million
round gunfight from this position I’m
just worried about getting one or two
accurate shots off on that steel and
then I’ll go down a couple of these
different positions in here less than
favorable positions right now we here at
t1G we like to shoot steel a lot so
definitely make sure you got eyes and
ears when you come out here at least the
eye part I don’t care about your ears
you sign a waiver all right so here we
go for this one my sights are up on
target but as you can see right now I’m
looking at the the target through my
sights but my barrel can’t see the
target so if I were to take that shot
right now
I’d blast that wood from this distance
not a big deal but again that’s not the
purpose of this drill so I’m going to
find a way both my sights and
my barrel can see through there a lot of
times this is why it’s nice to have a
spotter not only just to see where your
shots go but also tell you if your
muzzle is going to clear or not okay
this is just plywood not a big deal if
this were concrete or if this were like
metal not a big that would be a little
bit more of a big deal I’d get a lot of
spall ok so that’s no bueno for me more
importantly I wouldn’t hit my target
alright so find the sights find my
barrel I can just do a quick check
because I’ve got both eyes open and then
I can go ahead and gauge that steel okay
you also get a lot of reverberation this
way so be prepared for some more
overpressure all right after I get done
shooting every time like Sid says did I
hit him
did it work are there any more those are
the three things that Sid always reminds
me about its fundamentals of
marksmanship it’s follow-through as well
but you know when you hit somebody steel
target paper target or live breeding
target sometimes one round doesn’t do
the job so did I hit him did it work and
then does he have any buddies okay
that’s when I’m that’s when we look
around assess and search alright next
position we’re going to cover is this
angle right here now this is Rob’s
Daniel defense gun he zeroed it at 50
meters so targets this close the
relationship between our bore and our
sights doesn’t really matter that much
but let’s take a look at it out to
distance my line of sight is just going
straight like a laser okay but the
bullets actually going to rise yes
snipers it’s going to rise and fall in
relation to my line of sight when the
gun is like this the more I start
tilting the gun the more it changes the
relationship between my line of sight
and my trajectory okay so in the extreme
when I’ve got my gun twisted like this
or Rob’s gun twisted like this my line
of sight is still just going straight on
to infinity and beyond but now my
bullets not going to rise in relation to
the to the ground it’s just going left
and down so at greater distances I do
have to keep that in mind all right one
of the rules of thumb is when you have
your gun canted like this slide it to
the side
your your magazine because bullets go
in that way so I’m going to just aim a
little bit more that way just know your
trajectory I don’t know why they call it
a rule of thumb you can’t really do much
damage with that alright so now we’re
going to this one this is how my gun can
see behind see through that portal now I
see my barrel can make it I can see my
sights can make it now I got to find a
way to get my myself behind it okay
easy day some of you guys you bigger
guys especially when you got especially
when you’ve got your your gear on all
your kit this becomes a little bit more
strenuous alright like this these next
couple of positions so good luck with
that write us and let us know how it
turns out so this next one all the way
down here I’m going to have to have my
gun can it either this way or this way
I’m a right-handed shooter I’m going to
take the gun I’m going to put it this
way we’re going to have to get in some
weird positions here this really ain’t
that bad so right now I can see the
target my muzzle can see the target so I
feel alright taking this shot alright
now let’s get on the ground we already
went through some of the videos where we
were shooting in around vehicles so
these are just some of the same
positions now we’re just shooting them
here so let’s go for the most
inconvenient one I’m gonna have to get
down behind that triangle for this one
we actually call this the Brokeback look
that up but this one my ejection port is
going to be facing the ground okay so
some things I’ve got to worry about
because it’s such close proximity to the
ground is I’ve got to have a clear path
for that spent brass to get out
otherwise I’m gonna induce a malfunction
many times what we’ll see is
guys will get the gun really close to
the ground and you’ll be able to get
that first round out but then you induce
a malfunction other times they may grab
the gun like this get down on the ground
same thing happens first round yep you
get it out but you just induced a
malfunction so you already in a
shitstorm give yourself an advantage and
make sure that that thing’s clear okay
so I’m going to take my support hand put
it here for support and I’m going to get
down behind a gun I may not get a good
Stockweld I’m okay with that I may not
get a good cheek weld I’m okay with that
this gun is not going to kick my ass so
now I’m down behind a gun I can see the
target and my barrel can barely see it
but that’s right I’m going to take it
all right I don’t know if we could see
it you see all the dust that got kicked
up there be prepared for that so now
we’ve got a lot of overpressure coming
back and we’ve got a lot of the dust
that’s coming back in our faces just be
prepared for that all right last thing I
want to cover briefly is I know we’ve
all seen this in the movies I blame bad
television for this is when you see the
guys behind cover concealment and
they’re sucked up against the wall and I
want to go to my right and I’m like okay
we’re going to do this and then they pop
her out around the corner and they’re
just blazing okay that’s great in the
I understand how comfortable this cover
and concealment feels it’s your woobie
but do yourself a favor don’t get sucked
up to the cover because if I were to use
that same tactic that they just used as
I come around I may be able to see the
threat but there ain’t shit I can do
about it from here besides die okay so
what I’d rather do is step off my cover
to where I can get my muzzle up first
and then come out okay you know we can
talk about changing sides later but
either way I’m behind cover I want to
have my muzzle up and then come out all
right so keep that in mind if you guys
have any thoughts or comments about that
just leave it below thanks

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  1. so sorry for all the fatasses getting into these "unfavorable position". taking a bullet is probably less pain.

  2. I see we have a boondock saints and Austin powers fan here… also great stuff. I never trained all that much on shooting with these so it’s nice to get a bit of instruction on it

  3. Great instruction…. but was it just me or was he really consistently muzzling his left foot?