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  1. I like Strongarm, because It's low profile. But! I love LMF2 too, because It's so strong. How did I know!?🤣

  2. I would never pimp bear grylls Gerber BG Orange Knifes!!!! but the Gerber Bear Grylls Field Sharpener is sexy

  3. This knife is built in two peices the butt of the knife is its own part. Mine broke in half there i welded it back together prertty dumb other than that knife is g99d

  4. David I’ve seen a lot of review videos about different knives and just in general but this was the best one by far.

  5. Lol, this is not a survival knife, it’s a combat knife to be carried into battle by a solider… serrations do not belong on a survival knife or bushcraft knife. Esse 6 is the best survival knife, that’s what ya need.

  6. Just curious is anyone from London watching this video?

  7. Damn, showed up to this video after the sheath attachments are no longer available, any help would be hot