11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights Near Me Where To Shop Online At 15:00

  1. Cordage? Those bracelets on your wrist you will find may not be near enough. EMT? By the time you gather the natural world's bounty, either you or someone else can bleed out. Other than that, you're good…… for a week or two. Not trying to be a smart-ass, just trying to get you to think a bit…. Peace

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  3. How proficient are you at suturing a bad cut without a suture kit?

    Just curious.

    I have a military 1st-aid kit I've added to. That's not something that should be skimped on. It would suck to find out how badly you're equipt for a medical emergency when you're having one.

  4. I assume you're prepared for some constructive criticism since you put this on YouTube.

    You need first aid supplies. Period. A good pocket knife. At least 50' of paracord (and know how to use it). At least 2 compasses (and know how to use them). At least one stainless water vessel, be it a canteen or other pot/bottle. Try purifying water one time with what you have. And imagine doing that to at least a gallon a day every day. Anything important you should have 2 of. Knives, compasses, fire, etc

  5. Yes, but he should still have some more in his pack. If he had to set snares he should set at least 5-6 to give him the best chance of getting something. And those bracelets has a max. of 14 feet of line each. Granted, he has the individual strands inside, but if he tears them all apart to set snares he'll not have anything left for other emergencies. More is better. And he should have everything he needs in the pack. The bracelets should be extra.

  6. Sorry but you do and might need a flash light during the day walk in anyplace (bldg. , cabin) without power