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  1. we were issued a similar tool on our Volunteer Fire Dept. The glass breaker is 4 side or rear windows, as they don't contain the Laminate sandwiched in2 the windshield. Great Review, Bryan Thanks 4 sharing ATB Terry

  2. I've been looking for a knife with the strap cutter and the glass breaker . I think I'm gonna pick one up for the wife . Thanks

  3. I know a dummy that busted a side window outta a car upside down in a ditch 20 years ago with his palm. The glass breaker woulda saved stiches. And if he woulda been smart enough to wear a seatbelt the blades woulda helped too. Don't worry about why I err I mean he was there. Let's just say it wasn't smart.

  4. The glass breaker is only effective on side glass and rear window glass in the US. DOT approved windshields are made from AS1 laminated safety glass which does not shatter into small pieces. In America the windshield is designed to keep you in the car. In Europe the windshields are tempered safety glass, or were in the past. So only try to break the door or back glass.

  5. You're basically the only survivalist/prepper/bushcrafter channel that can do an intro the right way. Everyone else's always seems to drag on for more than 30 seconds. All I need is a 5 second title screen and then jump right into the video. Just wanted to point this out. Thanks for the video!

  6. Really liked the video, not to excessive just great info. I subscribed to the channel looking forward to more.