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  1. Does the conventional battery compartment take rechargeables that can then be charged the same way as the battery pack or not?

  2. i like you vido and run over to the online stor to get one cool 46 99 ok then like ok let look in to this befor i buy it hr later i look to hit buy the price jump up 20 00 bucks what the hell

  3. Unfortunately the 700 doesn't have a 3xAA battery compartment like 500 and 600, it only has the factory installed rechargeable battery pack, which annoys me as the 500 and 600 can have the factory installed rechargeable battery pack taken out and have the wires reattached to beginning and end of the 3xAA battery compartment and have AA rechargeable batteries put in instead for huge increase in stored power which is handy if I have a iPhone 7S to recharge, so I'm still trying to decide between the 600 with the 3xAA battery option or 700 which has Bluetooth that I can use with my phone

  4. Be sure to get ready for our Labor Day Sale next week. Kaito Radios will be 20% off! (Sneak Peak) 🙂

  5. Bought the KA-500 for mom. (She lives in central Florida).
    Looking at the KA-350 for my self, though I have the KA-210.
    Kaito’s quality has very much improved. They make some excellent radios.
    Great review—Thanks.

  6. Note: they are not “rubberized “ but is a soft-touch plastic material so they don’t get sticky and nasty,like that old rubber coating.
    It is a very nice touch.

  7. Temp gauge on the 600 is very handy, especially in a tent. The 600 also has a reading light as well as a flash light, which comes in very handy in a tent. Plus the 600 gives you the date, time and a NOAA warning signal. Along with an alarm.