10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights On Ebay Buy Satisfaction Guaranteed At 9:41

  1. Love the stuff you do…but…if you think $12 is a good price for that, I got some beans I want you to look at.

  2. Ok, here's the thing – if you know you will be needing tinder you can take tinder with you…cotton balls with petroleum jelly, wax card, jute twine, wet fire etc. If you are caught unawares why exactly would you have this shit with you. In advance I collect birch bark, cramp balls etc. You said it yourself – when you're out you collect stuff. Why on gods good earth would you waste your money on this stuff. Please? It just doesn't make any sense.

  3. Nice tinder! The main tinder here is Juniper bark and maybe mesquite bark (haven't tried mesquite yet). But that's on the deserty part of Arizona, in the mountains we do have fatwood a ton of it.

  4. It works, but i really don't see the point. All around you there is tinder, from the pine cones on the floor to the old dry pine needles hanging out on low branches. I dont get why anybody would pay for this stuff. It seems a little expensive as well. I just dont see how there is a market for this. But it works, ill give it that.

  5. I wish them all the best with the business, but basically this guy cleans up his yard, packages it, and sells it?  I guess good for him.  Like you said, if you don't live in an area where there is tinder, this would be a good option.  I'd like one to sort out the different stuff and do tests on each.