5 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights On Ebay How Can I Purchase At 10:38

  1. good video..just bought the silver city bag..ews is coming soon need to work more overtime for that..im camping n hunting in fayette co. pa..near wv..anyway keep up the good work

  2. If you're talking about crossing water, you might want to consider taking off your boots and socks, and putting on your tactical sandals, they dry quickly, but they will really help you avoid foot/toe injury from slippery / sharp rocks/stones under the water. My brother crossed a shallow river barefoot and broke a toe (ouch!). Just a thought. Great vid series man. Cheers. DeepEye

  3. Great tips. I'm an old cold war vet. Down to 20Fs I use a Long sleeve T as a base and put a dry one on at night/ damp one goes over the dry while I sleep. Higher activity or colder temps I use poly pro. The M65 jacket was made to be used with a wool sweater for activity, liner for non activity. I now use 2 layers of fleece or wool and a goretex jacket. I made leg jackets from mil surp gortex pants which weren't my waist size. Easy project–great price. Started using a thermal barrier insole in my sneakers and boots–best investment for keeping feet warm! Took me a lot of years to get where you are. I can tell you are not just a weekend warrior.