7 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights Vs Regular Flashlight Where Can One Buy At 8:46

  1. HD chug… lovin it… looks like u got your camera tweaked to perfection ? cant beat 720p Miller !


  2. thanks ! check the other new vid ready in a few and i have a pizza and BBQ wings video + another 16 oz beer crack uploading now…. i have been on a roll today… 7:15 pm, sun going down and time to eat the pizza & wings

  3. the only survival tool i need in the wilderness is a 40oz of MALT LIQUOR ,tell dorf to make the Big Bear video

  4. cool, thats some good gear. I have not used those pellets but I have seen them used to boil water really fast and I like the idea. I look forward to some testing videos.

  5. Are the fuel cubes any good? I want to take my kid camping I am shopping for stuff now I of course have a Pyro sack filled LOL and half a tacklebox for some big fat ground bloom flower fishing LOLLLLL…PYRO ON!! and campin cookin and grillin too!