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  1. It doesn't smoke much so it's stelth that way…but it's noisy and would give you away in 3 seconds

  2. My wife and I got the grill and 3 of the stoves when they first came out. They are excellent kit for grid-down scenarios. Ain't something I carry to the woods, but for emergency kits, they rock. You'll never run out of fuel.

  3. GOD!!!!!! All these video, these thing put out so little power you can barely charge a triple A. You would have to feed a fire for hours and hours to charge a phone. You can get more power out of a little hand crank generator. They are loud and battery cannot be replaced when. It fails. The company tells you you have to buy a whole new system, not just a battery pack. The battery that is sealed into this is cheap Chinese $10 dollar crap cell. These batteries have a cycle count and will not last. Please people do your research!

  4. bad angle and crap product. in survival situations how long is the fan gonna work for, how many pieces of fat wood do u have on hand and how many alcohol wipes as well. its a backyard camping luxury