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dollar tree survival how to make char cloth diy fire starters
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper the snow is gone the air is warming up it’s time to start
thinking about spending time out of
doors head to the Dollar Tree or a store
that is near you that has the pirouette pirouline cookies and cotton rounds you can use
the cotton rounds and the can from
the pirouette pirouline cookies to make char cloth fire starters
char cloth is a great fire starter
once your cookie can is empty you want to
loosely fill it with cotton rounds don’t
pack them in you need to leave a little
bit of room because we know that fire
needs a little bit of oxygen for it to
burn take a nail and a hammer or a drill
put a hole through the lid of your
cookie tin now you’re going to place the
lid back on the can get your barbecue
going full blast and set the can on to
the gas barbecue grill the heat from the grill is
going to char the cotton so that you
have char cloth fire starters left in your can let it
go you can see when it starts to burn and char the cloth because smoke will come out at the top
of the little hole I let the gas barbecue grill fire go for about 30 minutes make sure all the smoke
has stopped coming out of the can and then allow the can to cool completely then
you can open the can and look you have
nice perfectly formed pieces of char
cloth fire starters you made yourself the char cloth is ready to just light in an
instant and start a fire and gives you
another option of DIY ways to start fires in
all kinds of camping emergency survival situations making char
cloth from two items from the Dollar
Tree is the very simple survival prep thing to do and
it gives you more confidence that you’re
learning ways to do things you need to
do in any kind of a situation emergency or lighting fires
learn more at alaskagranny.com
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Tactical Flashlights Wholesale Buy Satisfaction Guaranteed

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