15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights Wholesale How Can We Order At 6:02

  1. I really don't care what features the bracelet may have, NO paracord bracelet is worth more than 8 bucks PERIOD. Anything higher is nothing but a scam.

  2. excelente video.compre un brazalete AVENTURA.muy práctico, para las personas como yo que le gusta la cacería y la vida en los bosques y jungla.

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  4. They charge you up the wazoo for a bracelet that's as stupid as a screen door on a submarine. There is no such thing as a good mini survival kit, and the only reason to own one is to have a good place to leave a not telling whoever finds your body who you were.

    It isn't better than nothing, it's far worse than nothing because it makes those who know nothing about real survival think they have the tools they need to survive. They don't.

    All such kits are purely for children who won't grow up, and for people with a death wish. They're unbelievably stupid.

  5. Buy this product is cheap
    Support this great idea
    Is just 60€
    You ll get it in a box
    You open it up and you take it off the box
    Buy or die
    Survive and buy

  6. I think that all the parts are made in China but it’s an American idea support this 💡

  7. Thanks. But I am much more interested in TSA acceptable bracelets. Meeting this criteria is much more suitable for normal ware. Needs a better striker to use hardness rather than a blade as a striker needs no corner sharper than 90 degree corners.