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  1. We all ought to keep one of these bug out vehicles. I have it instead of a boat or a classic car, it's a lot of fun and a toy as well as a driver. the FJ has a very low cost of ownership on maintenance too.

  2. thanks, I have plans for a winch and a solar system next. Watch soon for the video where I set it all up in the field into a mobile base camp.

  3. You're definitely welcome. I'll be doing a follow up with all the camp equipment set out and the cargo area ready to camp. Stay tuned!

  4. I sold the F150 4×4 for $17k cash and made $1500 profit. We inherited an Xterra because of a death in the family so it didnt make financial sense to keep the expensive truck when we had a paid off xterra. Sadly the xterra is only 2wd but we are now debt free. Not a bad trade off. Its still has bigger tires and decent clearance so I can still go places a passenger car cant. I will buy a 4×4 Tacoma eventually but for now we are enjoying being debt free. (including no mortgage lol)

  5. Check out the small flood of 1996-2006 Mexican built Volkswagen beetles that arrived in the US recently. They are taxis and coupes with low mileage. The original factory is now in Mexico and they are still putting out beetles to this day that have all new equipment.