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Hello everyone
In today’s video we will present one knife
What is it about? From the company ANV
from the Czech Republic,
we received one knife for testing
it is the P300 model
And now we will open the
box in which this knife comes
Here’s a look
at how my knife arrived
It comes in a beautiful black box

And now we’re going to talk about everything
This is a company from the Czech Republic,
It is a young company and was founded a few years ago,
which started to be very serious in the production of knives

They have phenomenal knives of some special design
They do not copy models from,
other manufacturers,
you will certainly not see that with them
They make their own models of knives,
which are very, very high quality
I am literally satisfied with this knife and I will tell you why
The knife has been with me
for about a month and I use it every day

Now we move on to opening
this box and I will show you what you get with this knife

But I have to mention one thing,
this knife has a lifetime warranty
Which is a phenomenal thing, if it happens to be damaged,
of course not intentionally
if you take a hammer everything can break
in which case
you get a new knife
Now let’s move on to the opening
and see what the box contains

It comes in this black box
As you can see,
at first glance it is a knife
with holster
one sticker
with the
ANV logo
you can stick it anywhere
There is one good thing,
what I thought I would do
it fits perfectly on the phone

come the papers,
more precisely the guarantee

It also comes a one card

with knife quality control
Date when the control was done,
and who assembled the knife
and that would be it, this is paper from customs
Now I will tell you
some things

roughly what it’s all about.

Here we see a beautiful fixed knife,
which is intended for staying in nature
Some of my assumption would be that the knife belongs to the survival segment

but can certainly be used in other segments as well,
say in the Bushcraft segments
It can be used by
and fishermen
The first impression we get
when we look at this knife,
really leaves the impression of a quality knife
the workmanship is at a high level
the final look of the knife is perfect
I couldn’t find it
any flaws in the knife and holster itself

As I mentioned,
kydex sheath is coming too
in this case a paracord braid is made

some 1.5 m long

paracord can have multiple uses and purposes

on the other side of the handles, we have a knitted pendant

so that the knife does not fall out of your hand when you do some hard work

The sheath is made of kydex in combination

with a ballistic canvas
very good combination
and the knife can be additionally fixed
if you do not use it
But believe me, there is no possibility
there is no way to get out at all,
especially when it is additionally tightened
It’s really impossible, I tried to pour water inside but nothing
it really can’t

I am otherwise a fan of kydex sheath
and there is no better thing
hear this
and now
It is a fixed blade
full tang construction, which is very important
Knife spine
5 mm
with a narrowing towards the top
it is made of high quality N690 steel

Made in Czech

we have the name of the company on the spine of the knife

knife handle phenomenal
made of black G10 material

this texture is great
so the knife doesn’t slip out of your hand,
when your hand is wet
or if the handle itself is wet
it really won’t slip on you
I will emphasize again
that I am thrilled with the making of the handrail,
and how nice it lies in every position
We have to consider that it is not a combat knife
and therefore there are no additional limiters,
to keep your knife from slipping during combat
I said that this knife is made
for staying in nature
and it will do everything you need perfectly and you can’t get hurt if you take care
don’t stab some things hard because this knife isn’t meant for that

It lies very comfortably in the hand, weighing 255 g

Drop point,
type of blade
and finish on the blade made by the so-called technique
I believe you all know what that is, a very good thing
no fingerprints remain
on the blade,
the blade gets less dirty

so the blade is more resistant to peeling
when you do some things with a knife

We will now do a few
tests to show you
the capabilities of this knife
Let’s do the testing

We’re doing a test
this knife comes from factory like a razor-sharp

and now we’re going to cut the bottle
with one swing
and we’ll see
how good he is at it
there is nothing to say, you have seen
move on

The knife has been with me
for about a month
and harass him

almost all the time
and he didn’t show any kind of delamination anywhere
any kind of delamination anywhere
on blade
so this steel
very, very good

that would be it
as far as the presentation of this knife is concerned,
and all that remains is to tell you this
the price of this model P300 on the ANV website
is 117 euros
As I heard, they plan to
expand sales to Serbia as well

most likely through an authorized store,
I hope it will be soon
and if I have any information I will share it with you
And if you are interested in knives like this
take a look at their website

you can convert prices from different currencies or to convert in euros

the company makes folding and fixed knives
hat would be it as far as this clip is concerned,
I hope you liked it
leave a like, share a video
As you can see,
he knife test was done
and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you
the team that sent us the knife
to the people who made this test possible
I greet them, the cooperation is phenomenal
that would be it
I am sincerely very pleased
with this product from ANV
greetings to all, so see you in the next video

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