7 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights With Pressure Switch Buy Best Price Online At 1:41

  1. Hmmmmm… Here it's for 68.99 USD with coupon code: SRT7GB

  2. What kind of duct tape floats? They've taken these things down to 70 feet underwater and they shin…excel. Great light.

  3. What your calling “cop mode” I specifically want for bar security. Especially at closing time. What more can run a bunch of drunks out than the the ol cherries and berries lights! Nothing gets someone’s attention more than that.

  4. I recently purchased the MH27 (some call it the successor of SRT7 because the ring seem to be a point of failure for quite a few customers) even though these are all quite old by 2019. Sometimes, I wish I went for the MH20 (rechargeable) or MT20C (2 side switches for independent controls) instead – I didn't realise the beam was so tight that, while impressive at longer ranges, it isn't that comfortable for use indoors (house size, not warehouse size) because the spill is quite dim while the hot spot is intense. In other words, without a diffuser or using ceiling bounce method, tunnel vision is to be expected. The main things I wish they implement are enhanced durability and mode spacing. Replacing all rubber switches to metal (like the Olight M2R), and adding 500,120 and 20 lumen modes. I gotta point out too, that for some reason, the MH27 runs for 708 hours on 1 lumen mode, which is more than double of the run times of other 1×18650 Nitecore flashlights.

    Apart from the mode spacing, you might like the MH20 or MT20C perhaps?