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  1. The Black Diamond spot is indeed very tough, great headlamp once you figure it out. Also if you don't have a red you don't have a headlamp in my opinion. Just a flashlight with a strap.

  2. My first Black Diamond Storm had what I call I rachet failure, all I could light up was my shoes. No more plastic!

  3. I use this a lot at work.◉◉>share4.photo/Streamlights?uv I work night shift as an aircraft mechanic and this is much better quality than the many I've used before that take AAA batteries. The few times that I use it long enough to drain the battery, I keep my Coast headlamp as a backup. For $20, this is as good of a Streamlight product as their flashlights.

  4. I have 2 of these lights . Used one in the oil and gas field 5 days a weeks for 5 years. Best light ever. To bad they stop making this model instead of upgrading.