9 thoughts to Tc1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight Holster Cheapest Prices Online At 4:40

  1. Good video & welcome back. Been looking 4 a keychain light that's actually worth using. Perfect for when I forget to take my thrunite archer. Hope you have a speedy recovery from your near death experience lol.

  2. AWESOME,I`ve never seen a mini Light that has MODES and it was so Bright for a Little Flashlight and being water proof is so cool !

  3. Oh I see you got away from the knifes for awhile so your finger can heal ! Just don`t go looking at the beam in this flashlight ,or you might go Blind ?????LMAO !

  4. I've been carrying the O-light i3S for a while now and I love it. I'm sure this is thrunite's answer to that light. The i3S is the step up from the original i3. The S, as you might think stands for strobe as the latter didn't have that option. The modes are Moonlight (firefly) 0.5 lumens. Low 20 lumens and high at 80 lumens. You also have to cycle thru 6 times to hit the strobe. Cost around $20. Good vid man. Take Care and Be Aware.

  5. Great review. Liked it a lot. I too have the Ti3 and it's awesome. By the way the neck knife on the review table looks pretty cool. Could you mention the name and if it's available commercially. Thanks.

  6. If you dig small EDC products you HAVE to check out the "Kershaw chive" keychain knife. I bought Sog….total crap..cheap blade and the paint came off quick. Tried a Gerber…not nearly the knife either. I looked high and low and bought them all to try. Well Kershaw knows that just because something is small doesn't mean it has to be cheap. It's as well made as the bigger ones. I remember when they were 18 bucks…but even at something like 35 bucks now…they're TOTALLY worth it. I don't know what I'd do without it. Anyway…Check it out….you'll love it…thank me later.