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  1. …have you thoughted of a way to lessen the soot in tent, on skin , on pan , it makes this soot in my experience…

  2. If you cover the entire top with wax, you don't have a stove, you have a candle. The idea is to leave most of the cardboard sticking out the top, perhaps coated with wax but not covered. Then the whole top burns instead of just the wick (and it gets hotter too!) Also it's not a bad idea to stick two or three cardboard 'tabs' into the coil before coating with wax, to act as wicks. The cardboard doesn't burn away until all the wax is gone, so you can re-use the stove by adding more wax.

    Also, Boy Scouts have made these for decades, and they call it a 'buddy burner'. The title of this video might have been 'How to USE a hobo stove to make a Buddy Burner'. 8^)