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  1. MOLLE are the webbing straps used to attache pouches and gear. Hook and Loop is basically just off brand Velcro. This bag uses Hook and Loop closures for many of it's pockets, but does not contain any MOLLE. -Ben

  2. Nice review…So what is it you actually do? I see several job identifiers. You look pretty young to be a commanding officer. Just curious.

  3. In the C.A.A. I'm a Commanding Officer (among many other roles and certifications) because I was one of the original founders. I also am a Team Leader and Instructor with Lane County Sheriff Search and Rescue, and an Instructor with the City of Eugene CERT program. Unfortunately those are all volunteer positions. As my "day job" I'm a college cop and EMT until I finish my CJ degree. There's another video on our page that explains in more detail about me if you want to check it out. -Ben

  4. I'm not sure if there is a listed weight limit but I carry about 50 lbs of gear in it consistently. The straps do look lightweight but so far have not given me any trouble. The "backpack" style straps especially take a lot of weight with no problem. This particular bag does not have drainage grommets, which is unusual. But water does tend to pass through it when it gets wet, and it dries quickly. Hope this helps, and thanks! -Ben

  5. Do you think an AR15 with the stock fully collapsed (about 32 inches) would fit in the main compartment?